Old Leafs in New Third Jersey

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Sep. 24) – Back on July 14, while vacationing in Los Angeles, I received an email from a flawless source in the hockey licensing industry with information the Maple Leafs would be introducing a third jersey identical to that worn by the club in the 1967 Stanley Cup playoffs – and […]

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Bitter Rivals Reunited at Book Launch

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Sep. 14) – If at any point during my youth someone had told me that Angelo Mosca and Dave Raimey would one day pose together in a friendly environment, I’d have had that person committed. Mosca and Raimey were two of the best players in the Canadian Football League during the 1960s and early-’70s… […]

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Why So Much Heartache at This Time of Year?

By HOWARD BERGER TORONTO (Sep. 8) – The tragedy involving the Lokomotiv hockey team in Russia yesterday got me thinking how wonderful it would be if someone… somewhere… somehow… could lop off mid-August to mid-September on the Georgian (or World) calendar. Though I’m certain many happy occasions have taken place during this time (birth of children; engagements; weddings, […]

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Ron Wilson’s New World

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Sep. 7) – Critics and detractors of Ron Wilson may derive perverse enjoyment from his situation heading into the 2011-12 National Hockey League season.   For the first time in Wilson’s tenure as coach of the Maple Leafs, he has neither the cushion nor security of an extended contract. Adding a couple of years to […]

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Ask Questions But Do Not Assume

By HOWARD BERGER   TORONTO (Sep. 1) – The tragic death of Wade Belak from an apparent hanging-suicide is both astounding and inexplicable. If earlier this week someone had asked me to name five people I know that would be least likely to kill themselves (based on the societal stereotype), I almost certainly would have mentioned Belak… perhaps before […]

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